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Rowing Machine for Weight Loss: Your Key to a Leaner You 

is rowing good for weight loss
is rowing good for weight loss

Harness the power of the rowing machine for weight loss and navigate your fitness journey with confidence. Our guide reveals the secrets behind this full-body workout dynamo. 

Rowing Machine: An Overview

rowing machine for.weight loss
rowing machine for.weight loss

Experience transformative rowing machine for weight loss workouts that cater to your health and wellness objectives through these pivotal benefits: 

Unlocking optimal calorie burn: While various workouts contribute to calorie burn, the rowing machine for fat loss stands out. It uniquely combines the benefits of aerobic, cardiovascular, and resistance training. The rower allows for intensive workouts in a shorter timeframe than many other gym machines. This makes rowing sessions a time-effective choice for those looking to maximize their fitness returns within tight schedules. 

rowing machine for.weight loss
rowing machine for.weight loss

Prioritizing joint safety: A common concern with repetitive exercise is the risk of injury, which can disrupt your fitness journey. The design of the exercise rowing machine for home, however, offers a seated, low-impact workout. This reduces the strain on your joints, making it a safer alternative to even the best cushioned running machines. By using a rowing machine, you’re mitigating potential joint issues and ensuring longevity in your workout routine. 

Enhancing stability and agility: The rowing machine for weight loss action strengthens both your lower-back and core muscles, foundational pillars for maintaining balance. As you build strength in these areas, you’ll find yourself more agile and capable of a broader range of movements.  

Is Rowing Good for Weight Loss? 

how long on rowing machine to lose weight
how long on rowing machine to lose weight

Yes. If you’re on the hunt for an effective weight loss tool, the rowing machine for weight loss is a stellar choice, offering a comprehensive workout for both your muscles and cardiovascular health. Its growing popularity in gyms and homes alike is a testament to its remarkable efficiency and user-friendliness.  

Remarkably, rowing machine for weight loss engages about 86% of your body’s muscles, delivering noticeable results in sessions as brief as 15 minutes. For optimal benefits, aim for consistent 30-minute rowing sessions at least five times a week.  

Over time, ramp up both the duration and intensity of your rowing machine for weight loss workouts, integrating varied intervals and increased resistance to keep pushing your limits. Always strive for a rhythm that’s brisk yet allows for light conversation, ensuring a balanced effort. 

Burned Calories When You Using a Rowing Machine for Weight Loss 

exercise rowing machine for home
exercise rowing machine for home

The data depict calorie burn rates for individuals of different weights during rowing machine for weight loss sessions of varying intensities, specifically “Moderate” and “Extreme”. Here’s a clearer representation of this information: 

For a 15-minute session/1-hour session based on body weight and exercise intensity:

Body Weight  Moderate Intensity   Extreme Intensity 
135 lb (61 kg)  106/428  161/642 
145 lb (66 kg)  115/460  173/690 
155 lb (70 kg)  123/492  185/738 
165 lb (75 kg)  131/523  196/785 
175 lb (79 kg)  139/555  208/833 
185 lb (84 kg)  147/587  220/881 
195 lb (88 kg)  155/619  232/928 
205 lb (93 kg)  163/650  244/976 
215 lb (98 kg)  171/682  256/1023 
225 lb (102 kg)  179/714  268/1071 
235 lb (107 kg)  187/746  280/1119 
245 lb (111 kg)  194/777  292/1166 


For those considering rowing machine for weight loss as an exercise, this chart provides a useful reference to estimate potential calorie burns based on weight and workout intensity. As always, individual results can vary, and it’s a good idea to consult with a fitness professional to tailor workouts to individual needs. 

Rowing Machine for Fat Loss: Exercies 

best rowing machine for weight loss
best rowing machine for weight loss


  • 5-minute easy-paced row 
  • Rest for 1 minute 


  • Set 1: 
  • Row with intensity for 40 seconds 
  • Rest for 20 seconds 
  • Repeat for 5 rounds 
  • Set 2: 
  • Perform reverse lunge to bicep curl x10 
  • Follow with squat to shoulder press x10 
  • Repeat for 3 rounds 
  • Tip: Use dumbbells to up the ante. 
  • Set 3: 
  • Sprint row for 30 seconds 
  • Rest for 30 seconds 
  • Repeat for 5 rounds 
  • Set 4: 
  • Execute reverse lunge to bicep curl x10 
  • Then, squat to shoulder press x10 
  • Go through this for 3 rounds 
  • Enhancement: Incorporate dumbbells for added resistance. 
  • Set 5: 
  • Intense row for 20 seconds 
  • Recover for 40 seconds 
  • Complete 5 rounds 

Cool Down: 

  • Wind down with a 3-minute gentle row 

Pro Tip on Rowing Technique: During the rowing sequence, the general order of motion is: 

  • For the catch, drive, and finish phases: legs first, followed by the back, and then the arms. 
  • During the recovery phase: start with the arms, then the back, and finally the legs. 

Adhering to this technique ensures efficient movement and reduces the risk of injury. Always consider getting professional advice if unsure about your rowing form. 

How to Use Rowing Machine for Fat Loss? 

Prioritize Posture for Power: To truly activate your core and optimize your rowing machine for weight loss , posture is key. Ensure you’re sitting upright with your back straight. Elevate your chest, fix your gaze forward, and keep your chin elevated. This not only ensures efficient breathing but also enhances the efficacy of each rowing stroke. 

Harness the Power of Your Legs: While use rowing machine for weight loss, the thrust should majorly come from your legs. This engages primary muscles like your glutes and increases calorie burn. Commonly, individuals rely heavily on their upper body. But, for optimal results, remember this distribution: 60% leg power, 20% arms, and 20% from your core and back. 

rowing machine benefits for weight loss
rowing machine benefits for weight loss

Incorporate Power Stroke Intervals: Post warm-up, integrate three sets of power strokes – these quick, forceful strokes significantly boost calorie burn. The key is to maintain a consistent rhythm but amplify your force. For instance, initiate with 10 power strokes at 24 strokes per minute, followed by 10 lighter strokes. Progress by increasing the rate for subsequent sets. Incorporating High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) methods can further elevate your calorie burn. Ensure you cool down post such workouts. 

Embrace Endurance Training: Though HIIT is potent, don’t underestimate the power of sustained, moderate-intensity rowing, often termed steady-state rowing. Target about 85% of your maximum heart rate and maintain a medium-paced row, perhaps 26 strokes per minute, for around 8-10 minutes. This method can be a game-changer in your calorie-burning journey. 

Diversify Your Rowing Regimen: The human body is adaptable; repeating the same routine can make your workouts less effective over time. The trick? Keep your body on its toes! Alternate between short, intense HIIT sessions and longer, endurance-focused rows. This variation ensures continuous progress and prevents workout plateaus. 


Can you lose belly fat on a rowing machine? 

Yes. Rowing is a comprehensive low-impact workout that can help increase heart rate and burn belly fat. 

Is 30 minutes of rowing enough for weight loss? 

Yes, 30 minutes of rowing can promote weight loss, especially when combined with consistency and regular sessions. 

Is rowing better than cycling for fat loss? 

Rowing, especially when used for HIIT workouts, has an after-burn effect, burning more calories post-workout compared to cycling. Thus, HIIT rowing can be more effective for fat loss than cycling. 

Why am I not losing weight rowing? 

Lack of variety might be the issue. Simply rowing the same 5km regularly might not be sufficient for weight loss. Incorporate high-intensity interval training, pyramid workouts, or speed sessions for better results. 

Can you get in shape by just rowing? 

Yes, consistent rowing can enhance your strength, stamina, and even lead to muscle development. 

Is it OK to row every day? 

Yes, daily rowing is feasible. However, it’s wise to alternate between intense and light sessions. 

Is rowing better than treadmill for weight loss? 

For purely fat loss, treadmills might edge ahead. But for a holistic approach including muscle building and overall fitness, rowing machines are superior. 

Do you gain weight when you start rowing? 

Rowing doesn’t necessarily guarantee weight loss. While some shed pounds, others might gain, especially if muscle mass increases. Consistent rowers who lose weight generally maintain their new weight if they persist with their regimen. 

Does rowing burn back fat? 

Rowing is a high-intensity exercise that targets the back and burns calories, contributing to overall fat loss. 

Should you be fast or slow on a rowing machine? 

Rowing at lower stroke rates helps in refining technique. As this technique becomes habitual, it can then be effectively applied at faster rates. 

can you lose belly fat with rowing machine
can you lose belly fat with rowing machine

Wrapping up

In wrapping up, the rowing machine for weight loss stands out as a remarkable tool, combining both cardiovascular and muscle-strengthening benefits. Its holistic approach ensures that you not only shed those extra pounds but also tone up, making it a favored choice for many fitness enthusiasts.

If you found this guide insightful, don’t stop here! Check out into our fitness treasure trove at Bodyfitnt, where we have a plethora of information awaiting your discovery. Let’s row towards a fitter future together! 

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