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Losing Weight on Prednisone: Expert Tips & Mystery Unraveled

Losing weight on prednisone can catch many by surprise. Prednisone, a medicine many doctors give out, usually makes people gain weight. In fact, research says about 70% of those who take it end up weighing more. However, if you find yourself shedding pounds while on this medication, it warrants attention.  This article looks at why some might lose weight while on prednisone and gives trusted tips to manage this situation. 

Is It Normal to Lose Weight on Prednisone? 

Prednisone is a medication frequently prescribed by doctors. Sometimes, people who take it might see changes in their weight. For some individuals, it can temporarily lead to weight loss due to its effect on increasing fat metabolism. Studies say that people on prednisone might lose about 5% of their weight in half a year. But, be careful: if you lose a lot of weight quickly, like more than 10-15% of your whole weight, it might be a sign of a bigger health issue. If your weight changes a lot, talk to your doctor. It’s always good to keep an eye on your health and see your doctor regularly when taking medicines.

is tuna and rice good for losing weight
is tuna and rice good for losing weight


Why Am I Losing Weight on Prednisone? 

There are several reasons why prednisone might cause weight fluctuations: 

  • Boosted Metabolism: Prednisone makes your body work faster. This can cause you to lose weight, especially muscles. 
  • Appetite Changes: Some people might not feel hungry with prednisone, so they eat less and lose weight. Others might eat more because they feel hungrier. 
  • Fluid Reduction: This medication increases urination, leading to a reduction in water retention. This can make you lose weight. 
  • Fat Moves Around: With prednisone, fat can move from places like your face and arms to your belly. It might seem like you’ve lost weight in some areas. 
  • Diabetes Risk: Prednisone can elevate blood sugar levels, potentially exacerbating diabetes. Bad diabetes can cause weight loss. 
  • Stomach Problems: Some people get a sick stomach from prednisone, making it hard to eat. 
  • More Energy: Some people might feel really active on prednisone. Being more active can make you lose weight. 

How to Manage Weight Loss on Prednisone? 

If you’re observing slight weight changes due to prednisone, consider these management strategies: 

  • Keep an Eye on Your Weight: Always check your weight. This lets you see if you’re losing weight too soon. 
  • Talk to Your Doctor: If you lose weight quickly or a lot, tell your doctor. They’ll check if it’s a big problem. 
  • Eat Regularly: Try eating small meals often. This can stop you from losing too much weight. 
  • Handle Stomach Issues: If you experience stomach discomfort or nausea, consider adjusting your diet or seeking medication. 
  • Watch Your Sugar: If you have or might get diabetes, keep a close eye on your sugar levels. 
  • Change How You Exercise: If you feel more energetic, change your workouts so you don’t lose too much weight. 
  • Discuss Medication Concerns: If you believe the medication isn’t right for you, consult your doctor about possible changes. 

Also, drink lots of water and sleep well. Listen to any extra advice from your doctor. Doing this can help you keep a healthy weight while taking prednisone. 

Source: Dr. Megan – Prednisone Pharmacist 

When to Seek Help If Losing Weight on Prednisone? 

It’s crucial to seek medical advice in the following scenarios: 

  • When weight loss becomes notably intense or affects daily functionality. 
  • When a decreased appetite hinders proper nutritional intake. 
  • If there are noticeable indications of muscle deterioration. 
  • When weight continues to decline despite active management efforts. 

If you lose weight without trying, you might need to check your prednisone amount, think about other medicines, or get a deeper check-up. Always put your health first and ask experts for help if you have side effects. 

Are certain people more likely to lose weight on prednisone? 

Yes, those underweight or with fast metabolisms may lose weight more on prednisone. Other medical conditions can influence this too. 

Does taking prednisone at certain times cause more weight loss? 

Taking it early in the day might reduce nighttime appetite loss. However, effects vary. Consult your doctor for best practices. 

Usually stops within weeks after discontinuing prednisone. Weight often returns post-medication. 

What helps increase appetite if prednisone suppresses it? 

Try small meals, liquid calories, ginger, mint, cold foods, sour tastes, pre-meal exercise, or appetite-boosting medications. 

To sum up, prednisone is a common medicine that can change your weight. But the whole topic of “losing weight on prednisone” is complex. Whether you’re gaining or losing weight, understanding the reasons and taking action is crucial. We hope this article provides clarity on the topic of weight changes, particularly weight loss, when using prednisone. If you’ve faced weight changes because of this drug, please share your story. By sharing, we all learn and support each other better. For further insights on related topics, explore more articles on Bodyfitnt. We’re here to support your health journey. 

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