Diabetes Program

About the program:

Structured as weekly group sessions running over 8 weeks, our Diabetes Program focuses on education and guidance for successful self-management. Along with exercise prescription tailored to suit individual needs, this program provides essential instruction on the role of exercise in managing diabetes.

Upon completing the program, participants will be provided with exercise options to continue on-going management of their condition.

The program includes training on how to:

  • Understand the management of diabetes through health and exercise
  • Structured steps to develop long-term positive lifestyle changes
  • Home management including exercise at home without equipment

Delivered by an accredited Exercise Physiologist university trained in the delivery of exercise as a medically recognised treatment, the Diabetes Program provides clients with support and guidance to make necessary changes in the management of their condition.

Group Times:

Darwin Clinic: Unit 16, 59 Bayview Boulevard, Bayview NT

Monday 9am

Palmerston Clinic:  34/5 McCourt Road, Yarrawonga NT

Tuesday 5pm

How to Join:

GP Referral: The Diabetes Program requires a referral from a GP, through which clients will be referred to Bodyfit Allied Health under the Allied Health Services for Patients with Type 2 Diabetes enhanced primary care plan covered by Medicare.

Together with this referral, a gap payment of $35.00 is payable which in total provides clients with an initial assessment, treatment plan, 8 x weekly group sessions and learning resources lead by a Bodyfit Allied Health Exercise Physiologist.