Clinic Programs

Fit For Life

This program offers a treatment alternative, providing tailored and individual exercise prescription for people at risk of/living with a chronic condition, or recovering from an injury. This closely supervised session is delivered in a group environment and an initial assessment is required prior to attending.

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Diabetes Program

This Medicare supported referral program is for newly diagnosed or poorly managed diabetics. Structured as a 8 week intensive block, the program focuses on assisting participants to make positive lifestyle changes using exercise as an important element in managing diabetic conditions.

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Cardiac Health Exercise Program

Bodyfit Allied Health’s Cardiac Health Exercise Program is a continuation from Healthy Living NT’s Healthy Heart Program (see below for more information on Healthy Living NT). Providing the next step in up-skilling clients in their cardiac rehabilitation in a more advanced environment, this program focuses on returning clients to a active and healthy status. This program is Northern Territory based.

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Healthy Heart Program – Cardiac Rehabilitation 

The Healthy Heart Program is an initiative run through Health Living NT, and involves education and physical activity to get people with heart conditions back into the community. The program aims to improve lifestyle conditions through education in a safe and guided environment. The program is run in three phases; the Inpatient program, the Outpaitent program and a maintenance program specially for people as a first step in rehabilitation. Bodyfit Allied Health is a servicing partner, providing the exercise health and development for the program. This program is Northern Territory based.

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Lungs in Action

Lung Foundation Australia’s Lungs in Action program is a community based exercise maintenance program for people with stable chronic lung conditions and/or chronic heart failure, and who have completed pulmonary and/or heart failure rehabilitation.  Lungs in Action instructors are specially trained and mentored to provide safe, supervised and evidence based exercise programs.    Suitable for people on oxygen (who have their own portable equipment). Bodyfit Allied Health’s Exercise Physiologists deliver the structured and tailored exercise component to this program. This program is Northern Territory based.

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