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Diabetes & Insulin Resistance Explained…


The prevalence of diabetes in Australia has tripled between 1989/90 and 2014/15. An estimated 1 million Australian’s had T2DM in 2014/15 according to data from the ABS 2014/15 National Health Survey. (Self-reported data, as was collected by the NHS, is likely to underestimate the prevalence of T2DM as many cases remain unreported, due to participants […]

Rolling in and out through ankle injuries…

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Ankle injury! We’ve all been there right? Or at least you know of someone that has?  That dreaded, instant gut-wrenching pain of an ankle roll during a game of netball, at the school sports or during a harmless jog around the park… Ugh, ankle injuries. Unfortunately ankle injuries can be an ongoing issue and you […]

ACL Injuries in Women #1


Something that has been in the news quite a lot lately is the increased rate of Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries that are occurring in the AFLW league. Studies have shown that females are 4-6 times more likely to injure their ACL than males! But why is this the case and what puts females at […]

Coach Jake Shannon – Unstable Surface Training


Bosu balls have their place in a rehab setting and in some cases with the elderly. So if you’ve had a knee replacement or major surgery recently they have a place in your rehab plan. They have a place! That’s it; they can’t be the staple of your rehab and they most certainly shouldn’t be […]

Coach Shannon- Youth V Pro


Youth athletes are not professional athletes; hence they shouldn’t be training like professional athletes. At Bodyfit I train several youth athletes and also several children. For the record a 9 year old girl I currently train has the best squat mechanics of anyone I train. Here is a super article from the guys at Cressey […]

Coach Jake Shannon – The Basics

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Often people ask me how much goes into training athletes and if I follow online methods such as P90x or Instagram famous* “Fitness Professionals” who have never actually trained or coached anyone and have no recognised qualifications whatsoever. They look good in a bikini or with some baby oil smooshed all over their big muscles […]

Coach Jake Shannon – Squatting & Your Knees

Jake squat

Let me put a persistent strength training myth to bed for you all. It revolves around squatting and knee placement… When you squat, your knees can and should travel past your toes!! Shock horror I can almost guarantee at one point in your life (assuming you have been in a gym before,) you’ve heard someone […]

Coach Jake Shannon – Power Series

Athlete Development

Training an athlete for power, or more specifically, training their ability to rapidly produce force, has to be coached, periodised and programmed properly for all athletes. Let’s be honest, majority of sports require athletes to be able to express high amounts of power. When all else is equal, 99% of the time, the athlete who […]

Coach Jake Shannon – Your check engine light is on..

Last week I finally got around to dropping my laptop off at an IT place in Darwin to fix it. When they asked me what the problem with it was, I couldn’t even tell them because I didn’t know. All I knew was that I was getting random messages, things wouldn’t close after I tried […]

Coach Jake Shannon – Comparing Yourself

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Recently I got caught out comparing myself to another strength coach. He’s the same age as me with the same qualifications as me, yet he works at AFL level with one of the best teams in the competition. I quickly remembered why I try hard not to compare myself to others in my profession. We […]